Youth Development Through Sports
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Progression Athletics International (PAI) believes in having an open book policy of all our financials. We ask our donors to trust us and contribute their hard earned money to benefit at-risk youth, so we owe it to you to be fully transparent. We promise 100% of your valuable donation will go directly into our programs and support the children in need. Since we are 100% volunteer based, not a single cent of any donation is used to for compensation. Here is a breakdown of where the money goes.

The cost per child at one of our events is $7.29

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Sports Supplies and Programs (61.6%) – this is the bulk of our costs and is made up of many things. The biggest cost to PAI is our apparel and material costs. We like to provide all children at our clinics with t-shirts, which adds up as we continue to expand and work with more youth. We also like to offer rewards for participation and sportsmanship so we purchase awards like gift cards, shoes, and, medals. Our programs are run of 100% volunteers-run so we do not experience any costs what so ever for our events in regards to staff.

Fundraiser (29%) – 100% of this cost is covered by ticket sales to our annual golf tournament. There is no out of pocket expense for the tournament. 

Technology (3%) – this consists of the basic technology needed to host our website and maintain email. We are proud to say has graciously donated ten monthly memberships which saves us $150 per month and helps keep our budget low for technology. PAI founder Shane Hanson is 100% responsible for website maintenance and design to keep costs to a minimum. We use for both our hosting package and email service.

Storage (2.6%) – we store over $2,000 in items year round in a 10×10 Public Storage unit. We value these items for the children and make sure to keep them secure.

Insurance (2%) – we have a $2 million liability insurance policy through the National Alliance of non-profits. This covers injuries at our events and at our annual golf tournament. 

Other (1.8%) – for all things that do not fit the other categories we have combined as “other”. This includes, one-off purchases such as storage bins for materials, recycling trophies for our events, marketing materials, filing fees, postage, and other costs.

Below is our 2015 Annual Report if you would like to look into our programs and finances further. 

We want to thank our valuable corporate sponsors and partners from around the world!