Youth Development Through Sports
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International Trips

The PAI 2013 Europe Trip was a life changing experience. Serbia was the first European country I’ve been to and I could not have asked for a prettier country, more hospitable people, or sweeter children to visit.

Sarah Axelson

We know that a powerful tool to reach at-risk youth around the globe is athletics since it is a universal language. We know this from firsthand experience because PAI founder, Shane Hanson, has been on numerous trips around the world that have used athletics to communicate and inspire these children.

We accept applications from all over the United States and select a group of volunteers that want to embark on this journey with us. In 2014, we traveled to Manila, Philippines and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the first time. This trip is a perfect opportunity for volunteers to get involved internationally with other like-minded individuals. We welcome all types of volunteers from college athletes to team moms.

On these trips we not only bring athletics supplies, but we also bring needed items with the organization we are partnering with. We bring items including; diapers, clothes, books, school supplies, baby formula, coloring books, crayons, toys, and more.

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