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Malabon City Sport Court

Help Raise $5,000 to Bring Basketball Back to Malabon City!

Progression Athletics International has partnered with Gentle Hands in Manila, Philippines since 2014. Founder, Shane Hanson, has been there personally and witnessed the amazing work they do for thousands of orphan youth a year. These helpless children would often otherwise be left for dead. During the 2012 PAI trip, we ran a clinic in the extremely underprivileged area of Malabon, which is built on a landfill where sickness is rampant and sewer water flows. The photo above is forever engraved in Shane’s mind after a successful trip and was a turning point in the history of PAI.

In the Philippines, basketball is king. It is like soccer in England, football in America and rugby in Australia all wrapped in to one. Filipinos are fanatics about their basketball. From the remote mountain villages, to the slums of Manila, basketball runs deep within the Filipino culture. They will find any space to play, usually dirt areas with little iron rings as hoops.    

Since 2009, Gentle Hands has been involved in ministering to a community in a large depressed area of Manila called Malabon. In 2016, Gentle Hands had to cease outreach to this community. Political reasons made it simply too dangerous for them to visit. There are no other organizations or ministries in this particular area and as you can imagine, the need is great. It is our goal that Gentle Hands can reach the community of Malabon once more.

It is our vision to rebuild a cement basketball court which will provide this impoverished community with a clean, safe place for children to play during the day and a place for entertainment and exercise for youth during the evenings. It is an alternative to becoming involved in drugs and criminal activity. It will also provide a place where Gentle Hands can continue to minister to Malabon’s precious children and the surrounding community, providing medical outreach and feeding programs. This is their hope, their lifeline. It is here in Malabon, among some of the poorest of Metro Manila, that so much joy, so much sorrow, so much peace, and so much turmoil lives…

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