Our Story

Progression Athletics International (PAI) was founded by Shane Hanson in 2011 with a vision to influence children positively around the world through athletics. Shane has been on numerous humanitarian trips around the globe since 2006 and wanted to use his personal experiences along with his collegiate background to create a platform that changes lives.

During his trips, he saw an overwhelming need to help children that were abused and neglected. These children often do not have control over their unfortunate life circumstances. After running a peace camp for children who live in the former region of Yugoslavia in partnership with the US Embassy of Serbia, Shane was inspired to create PAI on his 22 hour plane ride home.

With Shane’s vision, he hopes that PAI will one day grant children around the world an opportunity to participate in recreational sports, opening a positive avenue towards personal growth, and creating a supportive community. Today, PAI uses sports as a platform to reinforce the nurturing and motivating environment that all children CRAVE for a healthy childhood, and ultimately, a successful future.

Create and environment children CRAVE

Create opportunities for the youth around the world to excel in health, academics, and athletics

Remind at-risk children that we care about them and we want to see them succeed

Allow all children, no matter what race, gender, or economic status the ability to dream of a brighter future

Volunteers can invest in a child’s life while building relationships that can last a lifetime

Educate the youth on healthy lifestyles, accountability, and leadership so they can teach others