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Progression Athletics International (PAI) wants to reach out to as many at-risk children as possible through athletics. Here are a few powerful statistics we have discovered in the United States:

The Problem

Today there are over 510,000 youth in the foster system in the U.S.


Former foster youth in U.S. prisons


Former foster youth on death row


Incarcerated within 2 years of "age out"


Girls pregnant by age 19 in foster care


Foster youth that are institutionalized

Athletics as a Solution


Corporate executives participated in recreation sports


Teenage female athletes less likely to get pregnant


Athletes are less likely to do drugs

Athletes are three times more likely to graduate than non-athletes
35 million youth (5-18) play organized sports each year
60% kids want sports outside of schoo

Source: Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, Athletic Footwear Association, USA Today Survey, Michigan State

Survey Results

PAI conducted anonymous survey’s to gather feedback from both donors and the children we serve. We asked the children we serve what that their thoughts are on our clinics/events. We also asked potential donors their thoughts are on PAI as an organization. Here are the results:


Age 1-10


Age 11-15


Age 15-18





Our Results

87.42% of the youth we serve said sports have helped them overcome a hard time in their life

97.50% of the youth we serve said they felt better after our events

51.61% of the youth we serve said they would like to play in a recreational sports league

Athletic organizations are the 2nd most supported nonprofits behind faith-based

94.6% of the U.S. population have at some point in their life participated in recreational sports

76.1% of people who hear of PAI for the first time would refer PAI as an organization they support

Source: Progression Athletics International anonymous children’s and donor survey’s 3/28/2013 and 12/6/2014